Bob Iger’s $34.3 Million Paycheck

Bob Iger's $34.3 Million Paycheck

Mickey Mouse is bringing in the cash as the powerhouse money making monstrocity that is Disney becomes bigger and bigger. Although Disney itself may not be doing well (cough cough Lone Ranger) the versitle companies it bought are as profitable as ever. So it seems fitting that CEO Bob Iger get’s a hefty pay check. Despite being fifteen percent lower than last year, the buisiness man earned $34.3 million dollars. Is it fair? Yes..well, maybe. It cannot be argued that he deserves the sum of money as he continues to build the Disney empire with constant expansion. But at the expense of others? We all know about the Canadian branch of Pixar closing, laying off workers left and right. Should this man get wealthier as Disney get’s bigger with the expense of the workers cut? If Disney can afford such a compensation, they should be reevaluating the distribution of money. This isn’t a hierarchy certainly, but this unfair allotment of money might be a foreshadow of what’s to come. Keep your eyes open Disney, because your investments in companies may be worth more than your investments in single people.


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