Suicide Squad Got an Academy Award Nomination and It Should Win

We can’t believe we’re writing this- Suicide Squad will win an Academy Award. David Ayer did terribly in structuring the movie (he admitted it on Facebook) but he designed an aesthetic like we’ve never seen before. Neon green strobe lights, blue spray-paint, and 80s metal. Margot Robbie became iconic. It nailed the makeup and design and deserves an Academy Award for it.


No Way- ‘The Last Jedi’ Is Part of A Sentence

Rey is (probably) the last Jedi. We’re all expecting that the first 45 minutes of the movie will be Rey on the cold, green island with Luke Sywalker transforming into a light saber wielding killer. ‘The Last Jedi’ could refer to the final team, but we’d rather it just be Rey. It’s not the most exciting sub-title but it would be sick if it were part of a full sentence. The Force Awakens The Last Jedi. We’ve got a subject, a verb, a direct object. I’m not sure what Episode 9 will bring (I’m crossing my fingers for a prepositional phrase). Now that we’ve got a sub-title, all we’ll need is a teaser to get us excited.

CARRIE FISHER Digitally Appearing In Episode IX?

After the unbelievable and tragic news of Carrie Fisher’s death, we are at a loss for words and Star Wars is at a loss for direction. Fisher completed filming for Episode 8,where she allegedly plays a bigger role than ever before. Because General Leia is an imperative part of the Star Wars universe, the question that’s left unanswered is whether Fisher will digitally appear in Episode IX like they did with Peter Cushing. Kennedy is already meeting with studio executives to determine their next steps. I think they should dedicate Episode 8 to Fisher and give Leia a respectful ending (don’t kill her off). It will be important to fans of Fisher and Star Wars. Whatever they decide, they should give everyone going into the movie theater Kleenex.

GOLDEN GLOBES Were a Waste of Time

No one saw the nominated movies or performances. There were surprising wins but none that made it must-see TV. Fallon was unoffensive and weak (I can’t imagine Jimmy Kimmel at the Academy Awards in a few weeks). Find Meryl Streep’s impressive denouncement of our next President on YouTube and you’ve seen all you need for water-cooler talk tomorrow. Golden Globes were a waste of time. Sad!