PASSENGERS Didn’t suck so why was it destroyed by critics?


Passengers is a $150 million romance set in space with the biggest stars of our decade but it got a vicious 31% from critics so it’s an irredeemable disaster.

On board the Avalon, an undefined but likeable enough Jim gets waken up 90 years before the spacecraft is supposed to land on Homestead II and after a few years of boredom Jim decides to wake up a smart, funny Jennifer Lawrence for company. Because they are both white and conventionally attractive, they get together until (spoiler alert) Lawrence realizes she could’ve stayed in hibernation for the remainder of the journey and lived a normal life on Homestead II. It’s an interesting enough premise and Lawrence’s name is a strong enough draw to see any movie but because of abysmal reviews, no one wants to see Passengers.

I just want to say this- it didn’t suck. Lawrence did well. I was interested by the Avalon and the movie put me in Jim’s shoes. I think the ethical decision he makes 25 minutes into the movie was problematic but understandable. And it was definitely interesting. I just wished that they followed through the with the questions they asked instead of diverting into unnecessary action sequences. The writers were lazy and made the spacecraft malfunction right when things were beginning to spark between Jim and Lawrence. I would’ve given it a 80% but because expectations were so high for this movie, critics gave it a 31%. I think that’s completely undeserving. Passengers is not an irredeemable disaster. It gets lost in action sequences and striking special effects but I don’t regret seeing it. It’s a decent movie that’s almost thought-provoking.  B-.


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