What’s Next for Margot Robbie?

Margot Robbie wants to be our new Angelina Jolie. The Australian actress broke onto the scene in Wolf of Wall Street but failed to become an A-lister. If 2016 doesn’t make her one, nothing will. She tried a romance opposite Will Smith in Focus but it didn’t make the impact it was expected too. Suicide Squad was supposed to be the apex on her rise to stardom but it got abysmal reviews. Robbie still got on the cover of VOGUE and the premiere of SNL. Her best chance at taking over for Angelina Jolie is by getting an Academy Award nomination for her upcoming Tonya Harding biopic. She’s set to co-star as an assasasin with Max Irons and Simon Pegg  in Terminal and will appear in an animated musical starring Hugh Jackman if it doesn’t work out. She’s also in talks to produce a few movies as well. Robbie’s been given almost every opportunity to become a blockbuster star. If she keeps getting into movies with low box office numbers or terrible reviews, Margot Robbie is not going to be the It-Girl everyone wants her to be.




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