Meryl Streep Going To TV For First Time Ever

Meryl Streep just signed on to star in a TV adaptation of this year’s It-Book,”The Nix” directed by JJ Abrams. The series will  follow a son writing a slanderous book about his mother that protested the Vietnam war. No air date has been announced but expect it sometime in 2017.

TV is becoming less and less embarrassing for A-list stars. Droves of big names are stepping down to TV, realizing there is a massive live-Tweetng fanbase that will make your name relevant again. If worst comes to worst, you’ll probably get an Emmy nomination at the end of your cancelled season. Woody Allen, Amy Adams, and more are stepping into the TV world, unapologetic. If  Meryl Streep can go to the small screen, you can swallow your pride and sign on to a limited-series.



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