‘Birth Of a Nation’ Nate Parker Accused of Rape


Birth of a Nation was assumed to dominate every award category come February. We were suggesting they start engraving the Best Picture awards with its name now to get it out of the way. Nate Parker became a sensation after directing, writing, and starring in the movie. He’s already been inducted into the Academy as a voter. But all of his momentum came to a halt after rape accusations were dug up from his past. He and his co-writer allegedly raped an unconscious girl in college back in 1999. He was not found guilty but his co-writer was (and was sentenced to six months in jail). Allegedly, the two got their entire campus to harass the unidentified girl. The nameless victim left college, attempted suicide several times, and eventually killed herself in 2012. It’s a tragic story that can’t be dismissed by Parker, who hasn’t yet denied it (he’s only said that he wasn’t found guilty). We will wait until the storm of confusion clears before we decide if seeing the movie is problematic, but expect Nate Parker to not walk away with many Academy Awards next year.


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