Everything We Know About Jennifer Lawrence Romance Movie Set In Space

A lot is riding on Passengers– a $120 million sci-fi romance starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Despite a release date set for December 12th, not a lot is known about the project except a press release premise. According to the paragraph we’ve been given, a spacecraft traveling to a distant planet has a malfunction and a passenger (Chris Pratt) is awakened 90 years before anyone else. Not wanting to grow old and die alone, he decides to wake up a second passenger (played by Lawrence). A romance ensues and there’s probably a few Gravity moments of the two panicking.

We’re excited- the premise alone made me pre-order tickets. And any movie starring Jennifer Lawrence is a big deal. This is a massive project that will probably print money for  Sony. It’s going to be a box office case study after Lawrence demanded $20 million to sign on. This movie needs to make at least $500 million for her to smirk.

There’s been virtually no advertising for the movie even though its in post-production. They are waiting for a rendering technology to add special effects before they release any trailers. They are going to need to work fast for the movie to meet its December release date. A blitz ad campaign will probably kick off in September.

We didn’t have anything to review or announce here, except to let you know that you better get excited about this insane sci-fi romance in development.


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