Suicide Squad DESTROYED Box Office!

Despite horrifying reviews, Suicide Squad made over $131 million in a weekend- exposing an unavoidable problem in the industry. It doesn’t matter if a movie is a disaster- if it’s got a recognizable name or title on the poster, it’ll make a disgusting amount of money. To be fair, Suicide Squad is a massive failure. It’s front-loaded and after word gets out to the people not already on Twitter (or reading my blog), the movie will start losing an audience. A week or two will kill this movie’s box office as more people read that this movie is a train-wreck. Suicide Squad might have destroyed this weekend’s box office, but it can’t smirk.  Reportedly it needs to pass at least $750 million to break even. That’s possible but unlikely given the visceral reaction from fans. Producers may be relieved on Monday but in a few weeks, they’ll be sweating. DC is not in the clear- it’s got stacks of money but it’s all being blown away by a tsunami of bad reviews that will ultimately wreck the company.


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