Is Matt Damon’s Great Wall Movie a Bad Idea?

The first trailer for The Great Wall dropped- causing a storm of controversy. Despite there being a renowned Asian director and a list of Asian actors on board, the first trailer focused on Matt Damon saving the Chinese people from monsters by building the Great Wall. It’s the biggest movie ever made in China, but it doesn’t have a Chinese protagonist. People are angry and its justified. We get that the movie needs a star to make money- but don’t make this worse than The Last Samurai. China makes up a massive part of global box office- it’s projected to become a bigger movie audience than the U.S. by 2050. If you are going to make a movie centered around China- don’t cater to the US. Don’t put Matt Damon on your poster because it’s causing more controversy than excitement. This movie will probably be a massive summer blockbuster- we just hope that there’s loud enough voices saying that white-washing isn’t acceptable.


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