DUNKIRK Trailer Talk!

Christopher Nolan is a trendsetter for trailers. He started the infamous sound effect for title reveals. After doing it in Inception‘s trailers, it seems every teaser has a “BWAM” before the title appears in capital letters. Will a ticking clock be the next “BWAM” in trailers? These are the questions that keep entertainment journalists up at night.

Dunkirk looks like Nolan’s version of Saving Private Ryan- a blockbuster and critical darling that will cement the director as one of the greats. Harry Styles is no Tom Hanks (yes, the One Direction singer is in this WWII movie), but Christopher Nolan could finally join the ranks of Steven Spielberg. Interstellar  wasn’t the awards contender it was built to be, but Dunkirk is promising. Christopher Nolan’s movies always generate hype but if he plays his cards carefully, the director could deliver the most important movie of his career.




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