Can Mel Gibson Make a Comeback?


Mel Gibson is a terrible person- but a talented director. If his face isn’t on the screen and his name isn’t on posters, can a movie made by him succeed? Hacksaw Ridge has a lot going on behind and in front of the camera. Andrew Garfield was so desperate to make a big movie that he associated himself with Gibson for this WWII drama. If this doesn’t work out, he’s still got a Martin Scorsese film in the works. Gibson is obviously the one that needs this movie the most. For him to make a comeback this movie either needs to make a lot of money or become an awards contender. We doubt the Academy will want to acknowledge his work but maybe movie audiences will support the director. It looks like a good movie and a great concept. If they keep saying this is “From the Director of Braveheart” and not “From Racist, Sexist, Anti-Semitic Mel Gibson” this movie could get away with making a lot of money. We still can’t stand Mel Gibson- he is a disgusting person that doesn’t deserve a comeback. But even if he doesn’t deserve one, he could still make one.



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