SUICIDE SQUAD Sucks… Here’s Why

Everyone was rooting for Suicide Squad  to succeed. It had viral trailers, posters that practically became wallpaper on Twitter, and a punk rock album that got massive traction online. There were live-streams on Facebook that got millions of people hyped. We were promised a movie that would make up for Batman V. Superman but ultimately, as DC fans woke up Tuesday morning, they grimaced at the Rotten Tomatoes score just posted. Suicide Squad got an embarrassing 34%- but it will that number kill this movie? Fandom could save the terrible reviews from destroying the DCEU, but if this is really worse than Batman V Superman-  there’s no hope. Suicide Squad makes dynamic villains talking posters. Their dialogue drowned out in punk rock music belongs in video games. There is no good antagonist, and the plot is horrifyingly simple. We couldn’t believe how bad David Ayer screwed this up. Suicide Squad didn’t make up for Batman V. Superman- it wrecked the DCEU after Warner Bros. tried valiantly to rebuild it with viral trailers. We’re surprised but ultimately we’re not sorry. This is a mess with no reasonable defense.




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