Leslie Jones and the Ugly Side of Twitter

Leslie Jones re-tweeted racist comments thrown at her and opened up a conversation about the dark side of the internet. What happened to Jones is disgusting and sad- a reminder that racism is still a roadblock in the entertainment industry. Jones worked for decades as a stand-up comic and after finally getting a breakout role at 48, instead of feeling like she’s “made it”, she’s been Tweeted racial slurs, death threats, and pictures of her head cut and pasted on gorillas. Middle-aged men in their mom’s basement get sick satisfaction by feeling like their opinion is valid. It’s not. Twitter needs to remove accounts that incite hate and harass because it violates their terms and conditions. Yes, everyone has the right to say whatever they want, but Twitter as a private company has every right to stomp on trolls. This isn’t PC nonsense- this is common sense. There was a large outpouring of support for the African-American actress after director Paul Fieg got #LoveForLeslieJ trending on Twitter but her Ghostbusters co-stars have been notably silent. As of now, none of her white co-stars have spoken out in support of her. People’s attention on Jones’ Twitter feed might wane, but the systemic problem on the internet won’t. You don’t have to pretend to like Ghostbusters, but you have to have human decency and support Leslie Jones. #LoveForLeslieJ




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