DOCTOR STRANGE Is Ripping Pages from Nolan’s Playbook (And It Looks Awesome)

After an epic Warner Bros panel this morning at Comic Con where new trailers were being dropped like Twitter bombs, Marvel’s found themselves in a STRANGE position. Captain America: Civil War destroyed Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice in early 2016, but Marvel doesn’t have a lot to smirk about this fall. People are confused by Marvel’s Doctor Strange but are obsessing over every Instagram teaser of DC’s Suicide Squad. Part of the PR problem is that Doctor Strange has an identity crisis. Is it a movie about sorcery or science? It looks like director Scott Derrickson ripped pages from Nolan’s book- stealing the first twenty minutes of Batman Begins and the tripped up cityscape from Inception. We don’t blame Marvel for stealing the effects-it looks awesome- but it seems  unoriginal. After round two of trailers, it looks like the neon/punk Suicide Squad remains to be the movie to beat.



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