Jennifer Lawrence is arguably the most famous actress of the decade. She’s been in twenty-two movies- making over two billion dollars at the box office. She’s got four Academy Award nominations (one win), two Golden Globes, two SAG’s, and four CCA’s. She’s been on the cover of every major magazine in print. And she’s only 25. But while it’s easy to say she’s the new Julia Roberts, will her fandom die down in the next year or two?

It seems her likability is waning.Fans became annoyed when the actress refused to wear blue body paint for her role in X-Men as Mystique (she is adamant that she won’t return for the next movie if she isn’t paid more). Her open letter for equal pay was important but her demand of $20 million a movie now seems undeserved.

Her demand will be put to the test this December with Passengers- a sci-fi romance co-starring Chris Pratt. If it is a spectacular failure she’s still got two prestige films next year to back her up. One is an untitled Darren Aronofsky film with Domhnall Gleeson. The second, more promising award bait, is Steven Spielberg’s It’s What I Do- telling the real life story of a wartime photographer held captive by the Libyan Army in 2011.

Ideally, Lawrence will get a blockbuster out of Passengers and an Academy Award out of It’s What I Do. If she can pull it 0ff, her career will be stronger than ever. Even if she only gets one of them, the next few years will be set for her. If not, Lawrence will have a lot of explaining to do. She is arguably the most famous actress today, but she’ll need to work a little bit harder if she wants to keep that title tomorrow.


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