After a two-year lull, Lupita Nyong’o is getting busy. Two years after 12 Years a Slave, no one is forgetting about the Academy Award winner. Despite most of 2014 and 2015 being a drought of her talent, her IMDB page suddenly filled with credits. In December, she had a small role in the massive juggernaut Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In April, she was featured in the adored Jungle Book re-make by Disney’s live-action department. In May, Nyong’o got a Tony nomination for being in the small, but popular play Eclipse on Broadway. She’s also got Queen of Katwe, a small  movie in the same vein as Million Dollar Arm, coming out this summer produced by Disney. She’s signed on to star in Intelligent Life- about an employee at the United Nations who makes contact with a supernatural being (we assume Nyong’o will play the extraterrestrial voice). In 2017, she’ll be doing press for Star Wars: Episode Eight. Last week it was revealed that Nyong’o is also in talks to play a love-interest in Marvel’s Black Panther movie. That would give her more than enough blockbusters under her IMDB title. We hope she can try to get another Academy Award nomination in by 2020 but she’s got enough projects to keep her busy- maybe just focus on that Tony. In under a year, Nyong’o will have been in three movies, filmed two, and signed on to one more. I’d say that’s an impressive resume built in just a year.


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