Larry Wilmoore GETS BOOED At Correspondent’s Dinner


We just witnessed the most uncomfortable Correspondent’s Dinner of the decade. Larry Wilmoore got booed and (maybe more terrifyingly) got the death stare by Wolf Blitzer. He also got flipped off by Don Lemon, just to make it more awkward. Even Wilmoore admitted it was a tough crowd in the middle of his monologue. Thankfully, as the minutes went on, the room eased up. He made the obligatory jokes about print journalism, CNN ratings, and C-Span. He also made easy jokes about Bill Clinton sex scandals. He got into some trouble for also stealing some of Cicely Strong’s jokes from last year (about the President’s greying hair). Wilmoore didn’t make up for it by spending two minutes too long about Ted Cruz as the Zodiac killer. We thought he did terribly, but he did get dramatically better as the minutes went on. We wish that Samantha Bee could’ve hosted but there’s always next year (right Hillary?). It’s disappointing that Obama’s last Correspondent’s Dinner was a let down but at least Obama killed it tonight (drop the mike!).


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