Beyonce’s Cryptic HBO Ad EXPLAINED!

A twenty second ad dropped of a weaved Beyonce up against an SUV in a parking garage and social media lost it’s mind. It cut to a title (Lemonade) and then a date- April 23rd (next Saturday). It’s become anyone’s guess as to what the cryptic ad means- but we’ve got a conspiracy theory. Beyonce is coming out with an album on Saturday that she’ll preform for her new tour (which starts four days after this HBO program). The TV special will be a documentary but will cut to music videos of her new songs. Some think it’s going to be a movie or new TV series but Beyonce wouldn’t come out with a TV series before a world tour and the ad wouldn’t leave room for fans to think it’s an album. Beyonce’s been hinting at whatever this is for close to a year now- we just didn’t realize it. We assumed the weirdly specific Instagram posts of Lemons referred to her diet (Beyonce once lost 20 pounds in fourteen days by just drinking Lemonade if you didn’t know). We’ll no next week, but we’re going to bet Queen Bey drops an album. Please, God, just don’t make it exclusive to Tidal.



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