Oscar Ratings LOWEST In 8 Years!!!


The reports are in- this year’s Oscars brought in 34.3 million viewers. That makes it the lowest viewership over the past 8 year years and the 3rd lowest viewership  for the Academy Awards of all time. While it’s easy to blame the lack of diversity, the ratings drop from last year (8%), is not just because of one singular issue.  The fact is- the Academy is not in sync with the movie industry. If they want to be relevant, they need to nominate relevant movies (like Straight Outta Compton). We’re not saying the Academy needs to pick a summer blockbuster for Best Picture but they should try to nominate movies that are both artistically strong AND relevant. If you want more viewership, you have to make sure those viewers recognize at least a few of the nominees. They obviously need to diversify their nominees, but they also need to be less pretentious. Pick small art films but also consider some of the more mainstream movies. They aren’t all garbage. If you aren’t more inclusive, you’re viewership is just going to keep dropping. Next year, unless some miracle occurs, the ratings will be just as disappointing.



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