Louis CK Will Be Hosting Next Oscars!


Louis CK will host next year’s Oscars…we hope. The Academy needs to do something non-traditional. They tried so hard to play it safe this year. The last thing they wanted was to offend anyone. We don’t want them to be offensive, but we want them to be controversial (and believe me there’s a difference). What’s perfect about Louis CK is that he’s controversial but not offensive. He says the things you’re thinking, but it isn’t politically incorrect. His two minutes on stage on Sunday were great! He’s smart. He’s honest but he’s not brutal. We think he could handle a massive telecast like the Oscars. He’ll never be asked to do it because he isn’t a household name but it would be nice to see his monologue. Twitter agrees. At the very least, get a stand up comic to do it.


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