DEADPOOL Broke Ridiculous Box Office Records!

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Deadpool made a staggering $282.1 million, making it one of the biggest openings for a Marvel movie. It’s not just the biggest opening for Valentine’s Day weekend (it beat out last year’s Fifty Shades of Grey), it’s also become the biggest opening for an R-rated movie (beating out 2003’s The Matrix: Reloaded). Ryan Renolds, who fought tirelessly to get this movie made, is probably breathing a sigh of relief. This is fantastic news for Fox. Deadpool‘s gotten lukewarm reviews but an insane reaction from fans, who seem to love the fourth wall breaking, F-word bombing superhero. The word of mouth for this movie is spectacular, making us think this movie is going to make ridiculous amounts of money in it’s second and third week. Expect at least two more movies to be green-lit very, very soon.


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