JK Rowling Confirms New ‘Harry Potter’ Book!


JK Rowling is coming out with an eighth Harry Potter book this summer. It’s just going to be the script for her stage play in book form but she’s calling it the eighth book in the series. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child follows Harry nineteen years after we last left him.  He’s now a father and the Cursed Child (we’re guessing) is his son. The play hasn’t opened in London yet and the publishers are planning on opening the show the same day the book is released (July 31st). We’re still confused on whether this is a book or a script but we’re guessing JK Rowling will answer some of these questions later on. Right now all that matters is that we’re getting an eighth installment to the Harry Potter series. Fans might be angry or thrilled but for better or worse, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is expanding and it’s not stopping. We’re going to buy a copy of the book/script without thinking and we’re assuming millions will do the same. If it’s got the name Harry Potter embossed in silver lettering on the dust jacket, it’s going to be good.




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