HOW TO FIX Oscar Acceptance Speeches!


Acceptance speeches at the Oscars are boring unless the winner is drunk or overtly political. Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the President of the Academy Awards, announced a simple and brilliant solution. Nominees can submit names of people they’d like to thank to the Academy and if that nominee wins, the people’s names will be written on a scroll line during the speech. Instead of a winner trying to thank as many names as possible before the music plays, they can actually make meaningful speeches. They don’t need to worry if they thanked their dog walker or (god forbid) their significant other. Isaacs is implementing the idea this year, so it’ll be interesting to see which winner is brave enough to use it. We’re expecting a Global Warming lecture from Leonardo Di Caprio and maybe a few “equal pay for equal work” speeches. Maybe even the words “Black Lives Matter” will be thrown into someone’s speech. We’re excited! Winners can now use their Oscar to not just acknowledge their agent but raise awareness about what they are passionate (or angry) about. Isaacs, you’ve still got to fix the diversity of the Academy, but we’re glad your fixing the accepting speeches.


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