Grease Live! is a near perfect production of the iconic movie. We’re not saying it’s better than the movie, but it’s definitely better than every Broadway revival. It’s the most ambitious live TV musical yet. It feels like a movie. The studio audience worked incredibly well (NBC take notes!). Julianne Hough was fantastic. Aaron Tveit was great. The scenic designer deserves an award for his work. You could tell it was a $16 million production. It was impressive to say the least. It was raining but they worked through it. Vanessa Hudgens’ dad had passed away only a few hours before the taping, but she was able to give an incredibly strong performance. The one person who I thought did a poor job was Carly Rae Jepsen (the original song for the show just didn’t work). We were afraid Grease Live! would ruin all the momentum The Wiz Live! gave to the live TV musical, but it actually helped the genre. Grease Live! is an incredibly impressive, surprisingly good, production.


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