Rihanna’s New Album DROPPED!


Rihanna just dropped a new album and it’s against everything she’s every done.

The music industry is at war. Spodify and Apple Music are battling it out and Rihanna just made Tidal a competitor. She dropped the album exclusively for Tidal subscribers after Jay Z’s music streaming site accidentally leaked the entire album early. For a strange few hours you could download the album for free through Samsung, but now Rihanna wants you to buy it on Tidal. She put the album on iTunes a few days ago and is putting it on Pandora on February 1st. She’s NOT releasing it on Spodify, which is a major problem for the streaming juggernaut (they’ve already lost Taylor Swift and Adele last year).

So far, it’s worked out for RiRi. In just a week, her album’s gone platinum. She got Tidal more than a million subscribers after she dropped her album on the site. She’s getting pretty good reviews. So, generally, Rihanna’s eight album’s a success.

But by the first song of the album, any fan can tell that somethings different. Rihanna’s not interested in making a pop song for Billboard. She’s trying to make art. ANTI is anti-pop. For a singer that’s manufactured countless pop singles, it’s exciting for her to try something on the opposite side of the spectrum. We’re on board, but just be prepared.




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