TINA FEY and RONDA ROUSEY Making Movie Together!!!


Tina Fey and Ronda Rousey are making a comedy together and (of course) it’s called “Do Nothing B-tches.” Rousey’s famous tag line is now become the premise of a movie…because this is Hollywood!

Rousey is a BA MMA fighter but for the past two years she’s been trying to get into blockbuster movies. She was very vocal about wanting to play Captain Marvel in the MCU, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. She’s been given cameos in some “guy” movies, but she’s never been given any leading roles. She infamously lost against Holly Holms in November but she’s trying to stage a comeback. A comedy with Tina Fey is definitely good news for her and her team.

While this is definitely not the plot, we think a boxing comedy between Ronda Rousey and Amy Schumer would be hilarious. I would pay money to see that! But Tina Fey could work too. Right now she’s only signed on as a producer, but we think that’ll change. They can’t have Rousey on the big screen alone. She wants to be a box office draw but she can’t do it alone. We think it’s cool that Tina Fey is trying to help out Rousey get her foot in the door. The MMA fighter wants to be an actress so bad, and if Tina can put her in a good comedy, she might just be able to do it.




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