LADY GAGA’s Oscar Nomination!!! Youngest EGOT Winner?


Last week Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe and got an Oscar nomination.

On Sunday, she won Best Actress for American Horror Story: Hotel at the Golden Globes and on Thursday she was nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Award’s for “Till It Happens To You.”

She wrote the song with Diane Warren for a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. The movie got encouraging reviews and surprisingly the song’s become something of an anthem to victims of sexual abuse. Warren’s been nominated for the award before but she’s never won. Voters might think it’s her turn. Plus, voters might pick the song as a thank you for Gaga’s jaw dropping performance of “The Sound of Music” at last year’s ceremony. Because Sam Smith’s Bond song was disappointing, we’re going to say “Till It Happens To You” will win come February.

She’s got several Grammy’s, and she might get an Emmy in September for American Horror Story: Hotel. Getting a Tony Award would be easy for her, so does that make her the youngest EGOT winner?

Obviously, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. She’s still got to win an Oscar in February and an Emmy in September for it to be a legitimate question. But we’re still going to ask it!

A year ago people would be insane to think Lady Gaga would win a Golden Globe or get an Oscar nomination. A year from now, she could be an EGO winner (insert joke about celebrity vanity here). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. She’s still got to get an Oscar. And an Emmy. And a Tony. Is it unlikely? Sure, but it’s not impossible.




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