Why 2015 Was the Year of Amy Schumer

When we were trying to find a breakout star for 2015, there was no one else but Amy Schumer. She’s become a celebrity since January 1st. In just 12 months she’s made a blockbuster romcom, a new season of her TV show, and an HBO comedy special. She’s won an Emmy, a Peabody award, and gotten two Golden Globe nominations. She’s hosted SNL and the MTV Movie Awards. She sold out Madison Square Garden for her stand up show and opened for Madonna. So, yeah, it was a big year for her. But what’s even more staggering is that she’s not slowing down. She’s writing a book (with an alleged $13 million advance), and coming out with two new movies (one of them with her new best friend Jennifer Lawrence). 2015 was a massive year for Amy Schumer and she’s only going to get bigger in 2016. It’s safe to say that Amy Schumer nailed it this year.


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