THE FORCE AWAKENS Movie Review…with Spoilers!


The force is strong with this one. Or at least, the nostalgia.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens does everything it set out to do. Reviews are positive and fans are excited. It might not be better than the original trilogy, but it’s dramatically better than any of the prequels. It’s breaking every box office record and is expected to make not one but two billion dollars. As a fan, I loved this movie. But what about as a critic?

This movie is a reboot first and a sequel second. It relies on Episode IV almost completely. Practically every part of this movie is familiar. It’s almost (ALMOST) a rip off of the original.

But don’t get me wrong- it’s a great movie.

Episode VII is gorgeous. It’s the remastered Blu-ray DVD of the first few movies. Everything is glossy and bright. It’s visually stunning.

Almost every cast member kills it.

Daisy Ridley is an undeniable star (she’s the blockbuster Kierra Knightley). Oscar Isaac is surprisingly likable. Lupita Nyongo does a noticeably good job as the voice for Maz. Adam Driver is menacing and almost vulnerable as Kylo Ren, but I don’t think they fleshed out his character well enough (especially his relationship with his parents). Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma was the biggest disappointment of the movie- she was barely a part of this movie. Original cast members (like Ford and Fischer), made up for some of the bad new cast members (like the embarrassingly bad Gleeson).

You must watch The Force Awakens in theaters. You don’t need to have seen the previous movies to enjoy it. Get seats before and be apart of the massive event that is Star WarsThe Force Awakens could become the biggest movie of all time. Even if you don’t like the movie, you can at least talk about it. You can at least say that you’ve seen it.

While this review might seen negative, The Force Awakens is a really, really good movie. Fans, critics, and casual moviegoers seem to enjoy the movie. Now the question is will awards voters? We’ll see. For now, all that matters is that The Force Awakens meets expectations. As far as I can tell, they are exceeding them.






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