Jennifer Lawrence’s DEMANDS On ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

So we’ve got another generic superhero movie trailer that fans are excited about. I’m sure this will get mild reviews and a massive box office. What I’m interested in is Jennifer Lawrence. She’s been very open about gender pay gaps which I support. She’s also been demanding at least $20 million dollars for every movie she makes which I don’t support. She’s still the biggest star in Hollywood, but Mockingjay: Part Two was a disappointment at the box office and Joy is not going to be the awards darling it was meant to be. She’s still got a romantic comedy with Chris Pratt coming out and she’s writing a comedy with Amy Schumer for next year. She’s still in demand and (arguably) the best and most bankable actress around. What got her to this level of success was her two franchises…plus David O. Russell. She’s done playing Katniss and now she wants to leave X-Men. In this trailer, it doesn’t even look like she’s trying. She was very adamant about not wearing the full body makeup for Mystique, which is infuriating. Mystique is a naked blue mutant. If Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t want to be two of those things, why is she even bothering? Oh yeah, the paycheck! But Jennifer Lawrence had a ridiculous amount of money (she made over $50 million last year). If she doesn’t want to do these blockbuster movies than don’t do them. She shouldn’t do them and then complain about them. I love Jennifer Lawrence and think she’s an incredibly talented actress, but she shouldn’t be doing things for the sake of a paycheck. She’s not doing anyone a favor except movie execs that can now slap her name on the billboards. With Hugh Jackman leaving Wolverine and Jennifer Lawrence reluctant to play Mystique, the X-Men franchise is in trouble. Hopefully this new generation of actors can make up for them.


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