This year’s Oscars are going to be tough to sit through…unless you love small independent films (meaning maybe 8% of general moviegoers). Right now, there is no clear contender for Best Picture. It’s going to be either The Big Short or Spotlight. Both are riveting movies, but neither are well known. They’ve got great report cards from critics but haven’t made a dent in the box office. No one will watch the Oscars if they don’t recognize the movies that are nominated. They’ve tried to extend the number of movies that can be in each category, but it’s not helping.

Some insiders were hoping Star Wars: The Force Awakens could save the day by getting spectacular reviews and smashing box office records. People would watch the Oscars because everyone (I mean literally everyone) will recognize The Force Awakens on the ballot. But…The Force Awakens is getting a solid B+ from critics. Fans are overjoyed, and critics like the movie, but it isn’t at the level that it needs to be to be a Best Picture contender.The Oscars need to find a blockbuster that’s gotten good enough reviews to get nominated. They need to bring in general audiences. The Force Awakens will get the standard Special Effects prizes and probably a Best Score trophy at the Oscars, but don’t expect it to win in major categories.

Sorry fans- this year’s Oscars are going to be about the artists.


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