TRAILER TALK! Tina Fey In Afghanistan For War Movie!

So…I’m probably not going to see this. Tina Fey’s good on TV but fails with the movies she tries to make every few years. They get a B- (if not C+) with critics and barely break even. They aren’t intolerable but they are completely forgettable. You can pass on them and not miss out. This looks no different. It’s got some appeal (it’s basically Tina Fey’s version of that two part Louis special). You might smile at some of the jokes, but it’s not a musts-see. If you want to see Tina Fey be funny, stay on your couch and  watch 30 Rock on Netflix. Don’t go to the theaters and watch this. Wait a couple of months and play it on Amazon Prime as background noise while you clean your house. That’s the only way you could get me to see this movie.


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