Everyone knew this album was going to be good. But it’s even better. I might just be saying this because 21 was overplayed, but this album is her best? I put the question mark because I’m still not sure. There are phenomenal songs on the album. If they aren’t haunting, they are crashing. ‘All I Ask’ is an incredible power ballad. ‘I Miss You’ is experimental and wild. ‘Million Years Ago’ is a beautiful melody on a soft guitar.’Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’ is fun (and the closest to radio pop Adele’s ever been). All the songs are great. They are unique but they aren’t too distinct. They blend together. A lot of the songs have a familiar format (slow beginning to an off putting chorus). Some get repetitive because they are four or five minutes long. But I don’t want to make this review negative. This album is incredibly impressive. It’s the best of the year (get ready of Adele to win in literally every Emmy category). It’s my favorite album of Adele’s. Some of the songs are immediate classics. Adele’s voice is better than anyone else in the industry. This album is a triumph.


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