‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ TRAILER TALK

You can write the original movie off as a dumb comedy but it was the biggest sleeper hit of all time. It acted as counter programming in the crazy summer movie season of 2002 and made $368 million worldwide. That’s ludicrous. This time, they’re opening the same weekend as Batman V Superman, which is just hilarious. This small (and pretty stupid) movie is going up against one of the most anticipated movies of all time. But it could work! The first movie is beloved. It’s not a cult classic but it definitely has a fan base. There’s a lot to work with for this sequel.We like the premise. It’s going to be a functional movie. It’s going to get attacked by critics, but the fan base for the original will enjoy it. We totally get why this sequel is coming. We might even watch it. We’ll probably regret it, but we sort of liked the original!


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