Adele Releases ANOTHER New Song!

We’ve only got three days left before Adele’s new album comes out, but I can’t wait to review her second single.”Hello” is the new “Rolling in the Deep” but is “When We Were Young” the next “Someone Like You”? If I’m going to be honest, no. It’s still a great song but it’s not the ballad we were expecting. I think the biggest difference between the song and her 21 album is the use of guitar. It’s not something you can bang on the piano. It’s still good but it’s not the same thrilling experience you get when listening to “Hello.” It doesn’t have to be, though. Adele is incredibly charming (the last five seconds of the video killed me). Her next album is going to be ridiculously good. I’m going to listen to this song until I’m tired of it, but I’m going to enjoy it! It meets the ridiculously high standard that Adele’s set for herself. It’s not the next “Someone Like You” but it’s really, really good.



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