FIRST LOOK! Eddie Redmayne In ‘Fantastic Beasts’


Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is an absurdly long title but its also the synopsis. JK Rowling’s next attempt to feed starving fans is a prequel to her Harry Potter series. It’s not a 150 page book (like The Tales of Beetle the Bard) or a London stage play (like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) or a moderately successful website of bonus stories (like Pottermore). No, instead its a trilogy about Newt Scamander trying to write a textbook. Because that sentence might be the dullest idea for a movie, JK Rowling added some mythical beasts that escape from a briefcase. That’s a little more exciting. They’ve also got Eddie Redmayne starring. So all in all, I don’t think it’s worst idea for a Harry Potter spin-off but it’s not the best. There are definitely better ideas (like every fan fiction ever written about Snape). But whatever. We’re interested in this movie because of the franchise it’s apart of. We’ll gladly take whatever JK Rowling will give us.


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