‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ TRAILER TALK

After four years, Tim Burton is returning to the weird world (wonderland)… as a producer. But you couldn’t tell by this teaser- it’s like we never left. Sasha Baron Cohen feels like the perfect edition to the cast (as a villain that embodies Time. so yes, it’s very Tim Burton). Johnny Depp fits back in his role easily. All we could think of when we saw Helena Boham Carter return was how awkward it must of been to be on set with her ex-husband (Burton) but that is neither here nor there. We almost forgot Mia Wasikowski but so did Hollywood (ha ha). There’s some tacky CGI, but all in all we love the production design, which is the biggest draw for this movie. No one came to see the first movie because of the cast, they came because they saw a gorgeous add in the New York Times for it with a bunch of good reviews written with explanation points. With a strong fan base behind it, its going to be tough for this movie to fail. There might be a drop in ticket sails compared to the first installment, but we’re optimistic for this follow up. It looks like a necessary addition.


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