Oh My Dear God! Adele’s Song Just Came Out And It Is Perfection

I literally stayed up until midnight so I could be one of the first one’s to listen to Adele’s new single. I’ve been waiting for four years for this. Pathetic? Yes. Do I care? No. The build up to this song did not disappoint. This song is perfection and I am not using hyperbole to prove a point. I am being completely literal right now. It is LIFE. I was so afraid that she wouldn’t be able to match 21 but this song is probably my favorite record yet. Listen to this on full volume. I dare you. I’m listening it on repeat as I write this. I’m completely obsessed. I went on Twitter (naturally), and could not find a single negative or disappointed comment about this song. I’m dead serious. Not one. Just give her the Grammy already! Okay, I’m going to go to bed now, but I’ll keep my headphones in as I put this song on loop. I won’t be able to sleep when Adele is belting out that thunderous chorus. But I don’t want to. I’m still on a high from listening to that song. And I’m on my fifth time listening to it. It’s INSANELY good.


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