Trailer Talk! Final STAR WARS TRAILER + Review

It’s just 2 months away! The tickets are on sale today and the film is wrapped and packaged- ready to be sent to movie theaters across the world. We’ve waited in agony for two years- it’s almost over. December 18th is quickly approaching, and we realized we don’t know a lot about the movie. Sure, we’ve been given trailers, posters, and shelves of merchandise, but we don’t really know about the story. All we’ve been getting is Daisy Ridley and David Boyega sweating with some neon bright battle scenes and a line from Harrison Ford. We still have NO idea who Lupita Nyongo’s playing (maybe she’s going to be a Yoda like CGI character?) and we haven’t gotten a glimpse at Luke Hamill as Luke Skywalker (which is why everyone’s saying he’s evil). And it looks like we won’t know either of those things going into the theater on December 18th. This final trailer was breathtaking and heart-racing, but it didn’t give us anything new. It just confirmed that Daisy Ridley’s going to be the lead (with some help from David Boyega). We DID get a line or two from Kylo Ren and a shot of older Princess Leia. But still, I have no idea the synopsis for this movie. Maybe that’s a good thing? I don’t know much about the plot for this movie (it’s still pretty vague), but I know that it’s going to be good. Or at least, I’m ASSUMING it’s going to be.


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