We’ve been waiting for (and complaining about) a new Adele album for years. We were convinced it would come out Fall 2014, but now it looks like we might be getting it by the end of THIS year. Which is kind of good news! We’ve been waiting for three years, but it’s definitely coming! With Adele’s ambiguous and incredibly misleading Tweets, it would be nice to get a release date on our calendars. We’re starving. She teased us a 30 second lyric clip of one of her songs to keep us from rioting.

We love it. Like we really, really love it. It’s the best 30 second lyric clip we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen two!). Sam Smith tried (and failed completely) with following up Skyfall, and we got a little nervous that Adele’s new album would be just as disappointing as Sam Smith’s latest songs. But no. We are in love (and maybe in denial) that this album is going to meet our insane expectations. This give us hope and also something to listen to on repeat until Adele comes out with an album (which could be a very long time). We’re praying that a new album drops before Christmas. These 30 seconds give us LIFE. Her voice seems better than ever. This song looks like it can fit alongside any track on 21. 


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