‘Pan’ Absoltuely BOMBS At Box Office


Hugh Jackman thought he could jump into other franchises and get a couple of passion projects done with his free time post-Wolverine. Maybe not! His latest movie, a prequel to Peter Pan, was a disaster. It wasn’t really his fault though- I’d blame the creative team. They cast Rooney Mara as Tiger Lilly which Twitter called out for whitewashing (they’d be right). The script for the movie was just appalling. Worst of all- they couldn’t control their budget. Warner Bros. trusted them with $150 million, which is just ludicrous. In its opening weekend (in 54 international markets), the movie made a tragic $15 million. Granted, Pan doesn’t open in China until October 22nd, but there really isn’t a change this movie will break even. Warner Bros. is going to lose an insane amount of money. It’s going to wreck Garret Hedlund’s career (if he ever had one to begin with) and set Hugh Jackman back. Whoever green-lit this movie is going to get fired (they are probably PANicked right now!). Whoever marketed this movie is going to need to do some major damage control. I guess you could say the movie just didn’t PAN out.

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