Stephenie Meyers Just Dropped NEW TWILIGHT BOOK!!!


Grab your credit card and get to Target ASAP. Or actually, grab a wad of cash because we all know what Target does to our credit card information. But regardless, you guys, a new Twilight book just came out. Granted, the books are awful and I personally could not get though the first chapter. But to the many fans out there- you’re going to freak out. Stephenie Meyers (out of no where) dropped a new Twilight book like Beyonce. We’re not talking about a 100 page add on. We’re talking a 350 page re-telling of the first story. It’s almost fan-fiction. Every character in the original book is the opposite gender. Bella’s a boy and Edward’s a teenage girl. Kind of weird, but whatever. While we won’t be reading it, we give props to Meyers. She’s tried but failed to write a life for herself outside of Twilight with The Host, but now she’s going back to what she’s known for. How she kept this books under wraps is impressive. She told everyone she’d be releasing a 10th anniversary edition of Twilight this Fall but didn’t mention that if you flipped the paperback over, you’d get a completely different version of the story. The marketing of it is brilliant, even if the writing’s probably insufferable. Fans of her books (generally girls aged 19-22 who read the books as a right of passage in High School), will probably be excited about the book. We’re not excited, but we’re impressed.


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