Scream Queens was supposed to be the biggest show of the season. Ryan Murphy brought on celebrities like Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas with acting stars like Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis to slap onto billboards and magazine ads. They convinced us the show was going to be big. Instead, the premier’s ratings disappointed. The Muppets took their ratings and their Tweets. The show was two hours, and it couldn’t keep people’s attention. While there were some scenes that I loved and some one liners that I thought were hilarious, it seemed like a Nickelodean movie with a bigger budget. There were some brilliant moments (like a certain death scene with texting) but others fell completely flat. Some scenes were just awful. Emma Roberts was fantastic (but a little too racist) and Lea Michelle gave it her all. Skyler Samuels and Diego Gonzalez, though, were cardboard characters. I thought parts of the show were clever and others cringe-worthy. Maybe they can iron out the kinks over the next twelve episodes. There’s something there, but I don’t think Ryan Murphy’s got the cult classic teenage dramedy that he was expecting. It’s not the cult classic teenage dramedy that we were hoping for, either.


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