ICE CUBE Starring In ‘A Christmas Carol’ Revamp


Ice Cube is signing movie deals in the aftermath of the massive success of Straight Outta Compton. One of them is a revamp of A Christmas Carol and we’re totally freaking out. The revamp’s set in present day with Scrooge as a real estate mogul in New York. While Donald Trump would’ve been a hilarious choice, they tapped an NWA rapper (same thing though, right?). Ice Cube’s done a couple of low budget comedies with Kevin Hart but is probably best known on the big screen for the 21 Jump Street movies. He’s a big enough name and a pretty good choice for Scrooge. If they don’t make this a drama, they could make a funny but touching revamp of the old classic. This will probably get mixed reviews and a modest box office, but I hope they can exceed expectations. if they go all the way and really push themselves, this could be a big Christmas movie.


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