‘Modern Family’ Fails To Win Single Emmy!


Modern Family once dominated the Emmy’s- they’d take up most of the nominations and made the award show a predictable bore.  Modern Family’s taken the Best Comedy award for the past 5 years (tying the record with Fraiser). Every time their producers and cast would get up on that stage, we’d cringe a little bit. Yes, the show is good. It’s amusing. But let’s recognize some new, groundbreaking comedies. Transparent, Veep, and  Louie are sharp and important shows. Parks and Recreation and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt are safe and hilarious. Any one of these could take the prize and we’d be thrilled. We just couldn’t sit through ANOTHER Emmy’s and find out Modern Family took the big prize AGAIN. I guess they listened- Modern Family fell from grace this year. They didn’t win a single big award this year. They are still a juggernaut, but they aren’t getting too much support anymore. They’ve probably got three more season’s left and Modern Family will definitely go down in the books, but it just got a little less important. Veep dethroned Modern Family- taking the majority of the comedy prizes. They are critic’s new darling. We think it’s completely fair. More than that, we think it’s completely deserved. Modern Family is a good show, but its time for other’s to get the recognition.


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