Everything You Need To Know About BRIDGET JONES DIARY 3

More than a decade later, we’re getting a third diary of Bridget Jones. And in that decade, a lot’s changed. A LOT.

The romantic comedy, a genre which once controlled the box office in 90s, is now dead thanks to a dozen Marvel movies and some X-Men installments. It’s the era of the comic book movie. Could Bridget Jones Diary bring the RomCom genre back to the box office? Patrick Dempsey, trying to forge a movie career after leaving Grey’s Anatomy, is signed on to replace Hugh Grant in the love triangle. And while that’s a big deal, all anyone can talk about is Renee Zellweger. Earlier this year, she walked on the press line for some benefit and was COMPLETELY unrecognizable. The papparazzi were literally asking who she was. You couldn’t have an internet connection and NOT know that Renee Zellweger changed up her face.

Will the movie address the fact that their main character looks unrecognizable? They’ve got to at least acknowledge it, right?

In the third movie, Bridget’s having a baby. They are not going to go with the third book installment which came out to mixed reviews (partly because Collin Firth’s character commits suicide). They’re instead going to go off of the author’s column where she talks about being a single mother. We think its the right move to go forward, but we’re not sure if they even SHOULD go forward.

Has too much changed? Is a third Bridget Jones Diary a decade later with a pregnant (and unrecognizable) Renee Zellweger in love with Patrick Dempsey really the same? Maybe. But for right now, we’re ‘cautiously optimistic’ as we buy 30 tickets for the movie on Fandango.


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