Disney’s Remaking ‘Mary Poppins’


It won’t be a reboot of the old classic movie, but will be a new adaptation of PL Travers’ other books (because, yes, Mary Poppins was originally a book series). We think this is a bad idea. Like, a really, really bad idea.

For those that don’t know (basically or those who didn’t see Saving Mr. Banks), the Mary Poppins that we all know and love is VERY different from PL Travers’ version of the character. The author fought with Walt Disney for years, but eventually Walt got to make the movie he wanted to make (his movie would go on to win Best Picture at the Oscars).

This adaptation is going to be PL Travers’ version of the story. Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman (who wrote the music for Hairspray and Smash) are writing some new songs for this reboot. Rob Marshall, the godfather of movie musicals, is set to direct. But the three of them can’t get me on board with this.

Disney tried to do PL Travers’ version of Mary Poppins on the stage and it was incredibly disappointing. It couldn’t compare with original. That’s exactly what this movie is going to be- disappointing. But right now, it’s infuriating.


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