Miley Cyrus Drops FREE ALBUM (But It Sucks)


Miley Cyrus did not disappoint at the VMA’s. It was one controversial and uncomfortable night. But this isn’t a review of the VMA’s (that’s coming later), this is a review of her album. Because yes, Miley Cyrus just dropped a free album on Soundcloud.

She said it in the last forty seconds of the VMA’s and Twitter broke down. People couldn’t get on the website she created so frantic fans went insane. I got to listen to all 24 songs and am…..incredibly disappointed.

Look, I wanted this album to be great. I loved Bangerz and think that Miley is actually an incredibly talented musician. And when she pulled a Beyonce on live TV, I was thinking this new album would be legendary. But what I got was her droning on for thirty minutes. It’s sloppy. She needed someone to come in and produce the songs (instead of shouting the same ‘Mike Will Make It’ every other song).

None of these songs will be on billboard charts. I wasn’t expecting a free album so I can’t really be angry, but I just think of what this album could’ve been. I’m not asking Miley to go back to 2009, but there was so much potential in 2013. This new sound isn’t rock and roll or pop. It’s just dull. It’s just bad. And I wish I could say otherwise.


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