Disney’s New Animated Movie: GIGANTIC


Disney just announced another animated movie in their D23 expo, this one a Jack and the Beanstock story called Gigantic. According to the studio, it’s the definitive version of the classic story…with some liberties taken.

The movie takes place during the age of discovery in Spain (which is already not true to the source material). Jack is out exploring when he finds a beanstalk leading him up to an entire world of giants (so not just a castle ruled by one). Apparently, these giants protect the world below them. While looking around, he meets an 11 year-old girl named Ima, who just so happens to be 60 feet tall. She’s lost so Jack decides help her find her way home.

That’s the story but it gets better. All of this is being set to music by Robert and Kristen-Anderson Lopez. Because at this point, they are basically the go-to musical team. They’re working on Frozen 2 and are set to write the music for the live-action Tom Cruise comedy Bob the Musical. We think their style could easily lend itself to this material.

To me, Gigantic is a Pixar premise crossed with a Disney musical. And to me, that sounds absolutely fantastic.


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