Zach Galifianakis to Play Joker In Lego Batman!


The Hollywood Reporter claims that Zach Galifianakis is in talks to voice the Joker in LEGO Batman. The comedian would join Will Arnett (playing Batman) and Michael Cera (playing Robin). While we have a lot of faith in the LEGO movies (the first was surprisingly one of the best movies of 2014), Galifanakis!?!? I mean, the guy can act (just watch It’s Kind of a Funny Story), but he would be our last choice to play the Joker. I know that everybody said the same thing when Heath Ledger was cast in the role, but I can safely say that Galifanakis is not going to get an Oscar for this. I’m pretty open to ‘out there’ casting (I was on board with Batfleck for Christ sake!), but this is a bit much for us to buy. I know that he’ll only be lending his voice, but I don’t think Galifanakis is really voice actor. Maybe he’ll crush it and be hilarious in the role (because I’m assuming this Joker’s going to be funny?). But right now we’re a little reluctant to get on board. But who knows!


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